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Observed: 12th October 2008 By: FleetwoodmacFleetwoodmac’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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Sunbathing on a disused road.

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Good phot. Classic "get out

Good phot. Classic "get out of my face" pose.

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Good shot

- although the lady doesn't seem too happy about it!

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This is a wonderful picture of a female adder about to strike. Did she strike or pull away?

They often go into this pose just to threaten when confronted with humans; I have to say it always works with me, I back off very slowly as sudden movements or noises can make them strike. I've been watching adders for over 40 years and have never been bit because I am careful and take no chances.

The Herpetological Conservation Trust are recording adder sightings this year, you can add yours at:


Graham Banwell

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Mr Graham Banwell

This was my very first close-up encounter with a live Adder. I knew that this was going to be a very special Austin Stevens photograph moment for me and that I was going to try and make the best of it, photograph and nature is my passion. I was not even sure that it was an Adder at that moment in time although I was treating it as one. A friend had walked pass it when I brought it to his attention. I moved in towards the Adder very slowly while taking a few shots until I felt that it was at the point of a strike and then took the photo. I then backed off very slowly and then the Adder moved into the grass a few feet away.

Nice comments from Mr Graham Banwell with 40 years experience with snakes to a person who knows very little about them. Thanks for your Add an Adder website link. I may add it to the website but I would like to check the grid reference point first.

I thank the Ispoters for their identifications and appreciated comments.

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Very interesting, I have

Very interesting, I have never seen a big serpent like this in U.K in Nature. Thank you for posting and for your comments


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Sadly, we have no "big serpents" -

old records of grass snakes approach 2m, but these days the reduced numbers mean less variation, and much over 1m is a good size for them. Adders rarely exceed about 0.5m - again, when there were more of them there would have been bigger individuals.