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Unknown Weevil

Observed: 20th May 2013 By: kieranc23kieranc23’s reputation in Invertebrateskieranc23’s reputation in Invertebrateskieranc23’s reputation in Invertebrateskieranc23’s reputation in Invertebrates
Species interactions

No interactions present.


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Galium as host plant

Galium as host plant might narrow down the ID a bit (many weevils are host plant specific)

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probably not eating

Curculio species feed on Oak, or at least their larvae do, and I'd be surprised if this adult was actually eating Cleavers - did you see any sign that it was eating? If not I guess the interaction should be "associated with" rather than "eating", or perhaps more likely it's not an interaction at all, just where the weevil happened to be standing! It's not always easy to work out whether insects really are interacting with the plants they are found on.

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Cleavers is directly below our Oak tree

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your comment, I guess the weevil fell out of the oak and landed near the Galium.


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Makes sense

Makes sense to me