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How has the weather affected wildlife so far this year?

Just by anecdotal evidence:
The first butterflies were out a few weeks ago, but the rain has definitely hit them hard.
Very few moths (haven't done any trapping yet)
Warblers seem well established (especially blackcap)
Haven't seen or heard a swift yet.
Looks like a good year for bluebells.

Any other thoughts?



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North East

I know I am not the south west but the north east of the country.
I have noticed that everything is about 1 month late compared to last year.I was photographing spring flowers in early april of last year and they have only just started to get into full bloom.The swallows were three weeks late,no frog spawn yet and the bumble bees only appeared two weeks ago also I have only seen two tortoiseshell butterflies which were rather shabby overwintered ones and one green veined white a couple of days ago and very little nesting activity.


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1 month later

I tend to agree, although some species seem to have started "on time" but then been knocked back by the cold spell. Let's hope it doesn't affect numbers next year. Incidentally, did you see in the #stateofnature report that small tortoiseshells have declined by over 75% in just a few years? Terrible loss of a garden favourite.


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This is probably the worst year I have known for spiders - numbers are well down.
There were very few 'larger' moths in my local patch until about 6 weeks ago when numbers started picking up, but well down on previous years.

Andy Keay