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Observed: 19th May 2013 By: Mike AshtonMike Ashton’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Ashton’s reputation in InvertebratesMike Ashton’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Craneflies mating

Certainly these have a pale stigma and bold black markings on the thoracic pleura. So they must be Nephrotoma flavescens, N. appendiculata or N. submaculosa. The problem is deciding if there is an inverted black U marking between the wing-base and the halteres. Looking at the first image (the fly on its own, head down), I'm tempted to say that there is. This would make it N. appendiculata, and this would be supported by the rather broad black line down the middle of the abdomen. They have a broad, slightly heart-shaped black mark on the top of the head - which means that if they aren't N. appendiculata, then they would indeed be N. flavescens.

Richard Dickson