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I thought spotted flycatcher but not confident enough to give an id


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It IS a spotted flycatcher.

It IS a spotted flycatcher. Nothing in the picture would suggest whitethroat.

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Spot Fly

It's not a Whitethroat because the eye is dark, rather than a rich orange-chestnut, the upperparts are earth-brown instead of grey head & chestnut back, the tail is fairly short and brownish, rather than quite long and with a white outer edge and there's a hint of streaking on the flanks.

Structure and posture should take you well away from a warbler, particularly as there's a series of photos which all show a similar rather upright stance.

It's a Spotted Flycatcher for the reasons listed above!


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Thanks for the ID - really pleased to have a spotted flycatcher land in our hedge! Will watch out for its return.

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Spotted Flycatcher

If you are quite new to birds, the white throat does stand out in the first picture and I can see why Whitethroat might seem possible.

Only adult Whitethroats have the orangey eye, younger birds (including first summer birds) have darker eyes. Otherwise, it is a Flycatcher for the reasons given by jerebarker. Once you know the species, the upright stance, tail flicking and circular flights returning to the same perch are quite distinctive. It takes a while to get used to the jizz of birds, though.


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eye colour in 1st-yr

Good point Ian; should have mentioned that!