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Heinz domestic ducks

Observed: 18th September 2009 By: KingPepper
Unknown Species Pic 1
Unknown Species Pic 2

I think they maybe juveniles or crosses of two species.

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Species with which Heinz domestic ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) interacts


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Unknown species of Duck / Goose.

I would like to know what species these birds are, and have found no information on them since i took these photo's back on the 18th Sept 2009.
I have looked in countless books in the libraries, and nothing.

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Do you think these birds are

Do you think these birds are the cross breed of those white domestic ducks & a mallard, as they followed these white ducks where ever they went, Mmmm thanks for your input.

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The fact that 3 inyour photo' look exteremly similar strongly suggests that they are very closely related - probably brothers. Beyond that, most people's guess would be as good as the next person's.