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Second photo added.

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Wouldn't the twigs be blackish in Prunus spinosa?

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In other observations I see

In other observations I see spines in threes and single. Leaf shape and bark colour seem right for Berberis.

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I can only see one spine, and it has the "feel" of Prunus spinosa rather than Berberis.The only thing I'm not sure of is the fact that it's in leaf now, ours on the are IOW just coming in to leaf. Maybe this specimen was in a very sheltered spot?

David J Trevan

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Prunus or Berberis

I'll go back for another look, there might be some flowers or remains of flowers. Otherwise we'll have to wait to see if there are any berries! This plant is at the entrance to the NNR, at the edge of woodland. I saw plenty of Prunus spinosa around, this seemed different.

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Please see new observation at

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Which is not the same!

Yes, your new observation is Berberis, with smooth leaves and quite different toothing.

The observation here is Prunus. You can disagree if you want, but you do have at least 3 BSBI vice-county recorders and the head botanical honcho at the National Museum of Wales agreeing with the Prunus ID!

Sorry. Obviously you had Berberis before, but your actual photograph was of the wrong thing. Easily done.


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...must have been pointing the camera in the wrong place. Thanks for all your help, at least I got it right in the end!

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The decoration of the leaf

The decoration of the leaf margin seems critical.