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Brimstones Buckthorns and Amphibia

There apppears to be some concern or misconception on the value of Buckthorn the sole and vital foodplant for Brimstone Butterflies . It is NOT a UK invasive species nor does it appear to have any substantive effects on amphibian populations, Any thoughts or experience on his subject area would be appreciated

Brimstones & Buckthorn See this link



***Invasive Plants to be banned from April 2014 are water fern, parrot's feather,
floating pennywort, water primrose and Australian swamp stonecrop.*****



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The BBC link (European

The BBC link (European invader threat to US amphibians) refers to USA, not UK.

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Question remains the same

Thanks for that - The question or point being are there any known adverse effects of Buckthorn in proximity affecting or acting on our native amphibia in the Uk given the value of Buckthorn to Brimstone ???? Many thanks