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Small bat in Malaysia

Observed: 15th May 2013 By: drnickmorris
Small Malaysian Bat

Small brown bat seen in southern Malaysia. Not the greatest of photos as the animal was tucked up in a dark corner. I would estimate the body length to be around 7 - 9 cm.


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Malaysian bat

I don't know much about Malaysian bat species (there are 118 at least) but it looks highly likely to be insectivorous judging by size and ear shape.


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Re Bat

Thanks. I was surprised at how much fur it had considering the heat!

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Small Bat

I'm sorry I can not do any better than colhig17; small insectivorous bat, I've never been there and there are no good guides to refer to. One day perhaps iSpot will have an Asian branch then someone may be able to help.

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