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Lamium - like plant in flower

Observed: 22nd May 2011 By: plantspotter
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I think I would go for

I think I would go for Scrophularia grandiflora, the flowers of Scrophularia peregrina are a darker more crimson colour.

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I was thinking that ...

... the flowers looked more like grandiflora, and the leaves more like peregrina, which made it a bit of a toss up.

You could add Scrophularia grandiflora as an ID, and see what everyone else thinks.

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Knew it wasn't right for S. auriculata but not familiar with the species mentioned - are S. grandiflora and S. peregrina cultivated species in Britain?
Edit - just had a quick Google and it does look like S. grandiflora from the images shown.

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grandiflora is in the RHS Plant Finder ...

... (but not currently stocked by any listed nursery); peregrina isn't, at least under than name.