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Observed: 4th May 2013 By: retreeval

Insect in rocky area of moorland valley, about 20mm in length, can run quite fast.

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Staphylinus dimidiaticornis: scutellum colour?

As soon as I'd clicked, I remembered S. erythropterus. There's difference in pubescence which I doubt would show on the photograph, but it has the scutellum white with pubesence, whereas the scutellum of S. dimidiaticornis and S. caesarea is black. I don't think the scutellum of yours is pale, is it?

Richard Dickson

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Like the other

Like the other 'dimidiaticornis' at this is erythropterus, and for the same reason.

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Staphylinus Comparisons

As per Mydaeas comments

There is a super illustration here Staphylinus erythropterus

and for comparison Staphylinus dimidiaticornis

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Yes, I believe so but I have not shifted Likely.
It's not an easy call for someone way outside their comfort Zone (I am) but I am quite happy with what I see.
A decent photo and some good interactive Comments.
Where are the entomologists?