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Pink Brassica

Observed: 16th May 2013 By: Jane Lucas

Found near an urban hedgrow, certain it from the Brassica family but unsure of the species

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dried seeds

It was grown for it's dried penny shaped seeds for dried flower arrangements and has become a widely successful garden escape and a good source of pollen for Bee's


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Hi Sheila!

Not seen you on I spot for some time.How are things with you. Warm and sunny on the IOW at the moment!best wishes

David J Trevan

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Hi David
Been having problems with my internet and health the local cattle seem to be obsessed with scoffing the phone line cable.The weather in the north is still about a month behind but starting to improve I hope we have a good summer.
Best wishes


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"pink Brassica" would normally be read as a claim that the plant belonged to the genus Brassica. What I expect you meant was "pink crucifer" (Cruciferae is an alternative name for Brassicaceae, for which crucifer is the corresponding English noun), "pink brassicaceous plant" or less elegantly "pink (member of) Brassicaceae".