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Denuded, but flowering curry leaf tree

Observed: 17th May 2013 By: alisauros
Curry Leaf stem
Denuded, but flowering curry leaf tree

Murraya Koenigii or Curry Leaf tree, grown indoors from an imported seedling in 2009 from 9" up to 4 feet, is now losing all its leaves from the bottom up since March, but flowering at the tops of each branch. It also has little sticky camouflaged nodules on the leaf stalks and on the trunk, only discovered this morning. Does anyone know what they are, animal, vegetable, mineral? And are they responsible for the leaf drop? They remind me of the nodules that appeared annually on an ancient conservatory vine, (not in current home). We used to clean it off with Meths., but didn't know what it was. Help appreciated for wonderful plant.

  • Scale Insects (Coccoidea)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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