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Water Beetles

Observed: 16th May 2013 By: Ditch-Invertebr...
Water beetles 1
Water beetles 2
Water beetles 3

Outer two beetles:Distinctive lighter band across black protonum. Elytra dark with rows of deep punctures and fine punctures between. No microreticulation. Two distinct grooves on each elytron. Long thread like antennae. Bodies fairly convex. Hind coxal process with fairly straight hind margin. Approximately 5mm long. Hind legs longer than front legs and tarsi unlobed.
Middle beetle: Similar but slightly brown colour. Larger, less distinctive reddish band across protonum. Some faint redder markings along grooves on elytra.
All found in well vegetated ditch adjacent to farmland. Maximum water depth approximately 50cm with shallower margins.

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