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Unknown beetle

Observed: 16th May 2013 By: ryjocl93ryjocl93’s reputation in Invertebratesryjocl93’s reputation in Invertebratesryjocl93’s reputation in Invertebrates

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Ground beetles, but where do we go from there?

You have an interesting-looking beetle. At first site it would appear that the elytral striae are randomly broken into short lengths, a condition I don't recognise in any British ground-beetle. It would help to know how large it is. I think that the last segment of the maxillary palpi is at least as large as the penultimate - i.e. that there isn't a tiny, pimple-like segment on the end. Is that right?

Richard Dickson

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Thank you

Thanks for your help so far, it appears that the last segment of the maxillary palp is at least as large as the penultimate like you say but I can't be sure. The beetle was found under a rock , was very fast and the main body was about 1cm or so long

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Ground beetle: some speculation

Thanks for the supplement. So it is a quick-moving groundbeetle about 1cm long with normal maxillary palps, yellow antennae, prominent eyes. Forelegs possibly without a tibial notch (can't be 100% sure of this). Leggy. Femora brown, tibiae paler. Pronotum with a bit of a central sulcus, side-margins slightly sinuate before the hind margin and with a tooth, elytra clearly striate and metallic. I think the unusual feature of the elytral striae must be either a malformation or a trick of the camera. I can't find a match for those criteria, so I think one of my interpretations must be wrong. I've considered Leistus species, but there's something wrong with all of them, and in any case they all appear rather more slender and 'waisted' beetles than yours. I've considered Harpalus sp., but these have a notch in the front tibiae. I'm sorry: I don't think I've got you any further. Its possible that someone may pick it up who can recognise its general appearance, whilst I'm heavily dependent on the use of keys.

Richard Dickson

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Possibly Tribe Nebriini from

Possibly Tribe Nebriini from the heart shaped pronotum?