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White patch on trunk

Observed: 2nd May 2013 By: pf339
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White patch on trunk i
White patch on trunk ii

One of number of white patches growing on trunks of deciduous trees in town park. Possibly Athelia arachnoidea.


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Other observations.

I've returned to have a look at these white patches in Huntingdon several times over past year but had no idea what they might be until I saw the observation of Athelia arachnoidea posted by synangium on 11 May. So thanks for providing pointer and help with identification above.

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Glad it solved the mystery

It was Alan, via his website, that brought it my attention when he added the species in March*. If it wasn't so fresh in my mind, I think I would have overlooked it or dismissed it as a mycologist's concern, especially since my find wasn't lichenicolous. So, thanks, in turn, to Alan and, of course, to iSpot.

* new additions are at


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Nice to know ...

Thanks for the credit, Nigel. It's good to know that the page has proved useful.

When I write a page, I often wonder whether anyone will ever look at it. I am getting around 1000 separate visitors a day now, so some pages must be being looked at, though back when my hosting site gave me useful statistics, most people wanted to look at Parmelia saxatilis.

When I wrote the Athelia page, I suspected that it would be a minority interest!

Not that this will apply to today's addition. I bet my site is crashing right now from all the people who want to look at pictures of Buellia violaceofusca!