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Observed: 14th May 2013 By: Bees99

What type of bee is this. Does it sting? I have a toddler that loves bees and wants to pick it up when he sees it crawling on the floor. They appear to swarm over the clematis flowers and have a nest underground. they are social/community type. thanks

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It looks like carantonica (=

It looks like carantonica (= scotica), and they are capable of stinging. They are solitary, not social, though a lot will nest in the same bank in separate burrows. They are not aggressive, but you would not want your son to risk a sting by picking one up. They can't usually pierce adult skin, but maybe a toddler will not be as thick-skinned.

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I'd agree with Mydaea looks

I agree, looks like Andrena carantonica. Silvery white hairs on hind legs, gingery orange hairs on thorax and pale hairs on abdominal segments (tergites).

Also I agree about it being able to sting. All female bees possess a sting, and this looks to be a female.