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Unidentified fly

Observed: 13th May 2013 By: Joe BottingInvertebrates expert

A medium-sized (from memory, 5-6 mm) fly resting on a dandelion. Metallic purple abdomen with unusual shape. Venation similar to Anthomyidae. Any ideas?

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I can't help Joe
I searched for Fly Triangular Abdomen (which it isn't specially!) and failed but was fascinated by this site
Do look (and play!)

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Thanks both... but still no answer.

Thanks for the link, Derek - not seen that before, but it's great fun!

I guess it's nothing too rare, WLR, or we wouldn't both have it at once... curiouser and curiouser. I've called in some dipterist backup, so hopefully will have a suggestion or two soon...

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Don't think the abdomen is purple...

I think the apparent colouration is from the wings. If you look at the tip of the abdomen beyond the wings, it is plain black.

Sorry, though, I can't help with i.d. - an Anthomyiid seems likely.


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Abdominal Colour

The ab I think was irredescent purple (on my obs) - not just the usual wing refraction I spent a while trying to get the ab without the wings I could be wrong I'll add a few more combinations


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Mine too...

Thanks for the suggestion, Neil, but I'm pretty sure it's not right. The purple abdomen is why I photographed it in the first place. I appreciate it looks like it could be iridescence (but then, why no trace of it over the rest of the wing?), but I'm pretty certain that's not the case.

I wonder whether we'll ever get to the bottom of this one... but I'm still waiting for a response from a specialist dipterist I'm in touch with, so you never know.

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The Blues....

There you go Joe - Never find a Dipterist when you need one :-) LOL