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Gelatinous Marine Organism

Observed: 8th May 2013 By: dannyatbdannyatb’s reputation in Invertebratesdannyatb’s reputation in Invertebrates

A white funnel shaped gelatinous organism attached to a rock in a rockpool at Church Island, Anglesey. I have looked in my marine life guides and tried searching online but I can't seem to find any similar photos. Does anyone know what it may be? An early stage of Peacocks tail - Padina pavonica perhaps? Thanks

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Marine eggs

How interesting. I wonder if you have considered Nudibranch Egg mass?
Worth a look at a few pictures
Here's one -
Type Nudibranch eggs into a search engine.
Good luck.
Oh, ChrisMcA came while I was on the phone - he could be right (he often is!). Here -

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Actually I'm coming round to

Actually I'm coming round to onchidoris bilamellata, as they feed on barnacles

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I googled "sea lemon eggs" &

I googled "sea lemon eggs" & clicked images & got several examples, then same for onchidoris bilamellata same result. It seems sea lemons are in long strips & O.b's in cones like dannyatb's

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Chris "(he often is!)" has put you on the spot - sorry!
Cones here http://www.arkive.org/sea-lemon/archidoris-pseudoargus/

Danny - it's unlikely you'll get an ID from Gimages, only loads of lookalikes - I've discovered. But it's fun trying.
Well done for the photos in and out of the tide. You need the animal - ha!
More Marine Postings please.

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Dejay your examples in arkive

Dejay your examples in arkive & eol arent cones they're long coiled strips, & if you "google images" onchidoris bilamellata you will get many images of O. b. with their eggs (& as they eat barnacles it must be their eggs, & these are by reputable sites like aphotomarine, scottishnudibranchs.co.uk,glaucus, all with the animals by their eggs, & all more cones than coils;...& I see EOL has an example in it's O.b. page,with the animals +eggs+barnacles.

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Chris have you considered.....

....Archidoris - these are also similar?

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Yes they are similar, & when

Yes they are similar, & when out of water probably indistinguishable, but here you have several laid in a small funnel shape.(& on barnacles, whereas sea lemons eat sponge I believe.

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Onchidoris bilamellata

spawn has shorter ribbons than Doris pseudoargus (and when did that name change happen?) so I've agreed with this species. However, these are not the only two nudibranchs with cones and coils....


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A really good piece of work Chris; a rare thing, I think, to have four IDs.
I can't agree yet JoC, still working on my flat periwinkle geometry! But I might yet.
is a very good lookalike.
O.b occurs here, in Orkney and I may well have a picture of the broken egg mass. See
Good stuff.

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Time to vote - ðone!

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Please move to invertebrates