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Grey Squirrel

Observed: 12th May 2013 By: John PilkingtonJohn Pilkington’s reputation in MammalsJohn Pilkington’s reputation in MammalsJohn Pilkington’s reputation in Mammals

This squirrel has visited on a number of occasions recently; seen sampling the bird seed and peanuts left for the birds. Despite constant drizzle, it had no trouble climbing the table's support pole, which was declared to be "squirrel-proof" on purchase.

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"Squirrel Proof"

I'd really like to see Trading Standards prosecute some of these claimants - virtually no feeder is proof against an agile and intelligent raider like these.
I use caged ground- and hanging feeders, and both have been raided successfully at times. I don't really mind as long as there's some left for the birds.
A friend adapted a plastic bucket lid to look a bit like the cones you used to see on ships' hawsers to deter rats; and fitted it to the pole below the feeder. Not pretty, but he said it was effective.

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I use a caged hanging feeder, with a piece of wire adapted to hold the lid in position. No squirrel has yet learned how to unhook the wire.

Uncaged feeders were raided so regularly that the squirrels made a path across the lawn from where they jumped down off the feeder back to the trees.

Bill Welch

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....a look at the below posting, another iSpotter gave me the hint. This can be purchased from Amazon. I have had this since february and they haven't found a way past it yet. Had hours of pleasure watching them try. Best £12 I have ever spent.

I do leave them some bits and bobs on the floor though.