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Which Bird of Prey?

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: km1km1’s reputation in Birdskm1’s reputation in Birdskm1’s reputation in Birdskm1’s reputation in Birds
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Thanks for the ID - I assumed it was a buzzard at the time but looking at the photo tonight couldn't decide re buzzard and red kite. Tail shape looked more red kite but it didn't look very red. Not a great photo though.

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Red Kite

Hi, the forked tail is typical of the Red Kite. I have some birds near me that are are from red, they are very pale indeed. Others I have seen are much darker. The problem is that most people's view of them is soaring above where they can be somewhat silhouetted.

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Thanks again - very useful

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Another feature of the tail that I believe helps to differentiate Kites from Buzzards is that the Kite often twists its tail through large angles in order to balance its flight during soaring; very noticeable unless the bird is very high. I have never seen a Buzzard do this.