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Unidentified spider

Observed: 14th May 2013 By: Ste Dodd

unidentified spider

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One of m.mengei/segmentata..

..but you need a lot closer view of the epigyne, and for it to be absolutely perpendicular to angle of view to split the species with females.

If you do find a female though, and you want an easier way to split the species, have a look for an attendant male hanging around close by, the length of the fringing hairs on the penultimate segments (meta-tarsus) of the front legs are diagnostic for males. (M. mengei males has long fringing hairs on metatarsus I, Segmentata does not).

There's a rule of thumb about time of year, mengei spring early/summer, segmentata late summer/autumn, but its not absolute.