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Unidentified fungus

Observed: 15th May 2010 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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Found in the grass at the base of a pitmound. The cap is flat, about 3-5cm in diameter; gills brown and the stem was about 7-10cm in length, cylindrical and relatively smooth.


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Marasmius oreades

Fairy ring champighnon

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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Marasmius oreades

Thank you for you identification.

I have had a look at examples on the web and in a guide. These imply that it grows in rings, although they can be loosely defined; the example in the photograph was isolated, there was no obvious evidence of other fungi nearby.

I have had a suggestion from another source that this may be Psathyrella spadiceogrisea.

It is difficult to be certain from a photograph and a few impressions of the characteristics, but which do you think is most likely?