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Unknown beetle

Observed: 31st March 2008 By: jeanpaget

Beetle seen on domestic house window near coast

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ID comment and link

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true, but...

It ain't a beetle. This is a coreid bug (Hemiptera), as you can see from looking at its mouth (a long feeding spike or rostrum), its antennae (only five segments, not many), or its forewings (semi-membranous, and crossed diagonally, not hardened and joined along the midline as elytra). Just being a pedant, but it's worth pointing out. :o)

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I'm not sure why I put Beetle, senior moment, thanks. I'll change it.

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could be worse...

...could have been a Beatle. I realised it must have been a typo from you, Chris - the extra detail was to help the poster, and anyone new to the subject. :o)