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Observed: 5th October 2008 By: miked
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snail very common round here, climbs up doors and walls, about 1cm (ish) across. is it the alien one that has rapidly spread across the country?

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don't know

I don't recognise this Mike (which doesn't prove much, I'm not very good at snails!). It looks too flat to be Hygromia, but perhaps that's just the angle of the photo. Could you bring one in?

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A number of the images from a

A number of the images from a web search on Hygromia cinctella do look rather similar to my one but on the other hand a number of the images don't look like it and quite a few are clearly wrongly labelled (there was even a cepaea nemoralis labelled as Hygromia). So none the wiser really, will have to wait for a snail expert.

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Girdled snail

I've never seen these snails but I looked it up in Kerney & Cameron (Land Snails of Britain). Though there were other snails with a flattened appearence and others with a white line none appear to have both except Hygromia cinctella. A distinctive feature is the white line should be on a raised keel running around the spiral. Also the appature should be elliptical. It would appear your snail has both these features but you would be best checking with a live snail.

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Have plenty of these snails

Have plenty of these snails in the flats hallway again this year, they come in in the autumn and hang around till spring or till the council cleaners clean (rather a rare event since the snails arrived several months ago and they are still here!!)

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Goodness, might they still be there I wonder?
See here http://www.naturespot.org.uk/species/girdled-snail
that it is still, generally, a southern snail.
Graham B, as always, being pretty cautious!
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yep the snails are still

yep the snails are still around although the do tend to be obvious only at certain times.