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A type of House Spider

Observed: 15th May 2012 By: InToSpaceInToSpace’s reputation in InvertebratesInToSpace’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Thank you Wildlife Ranger, I

Thank you Wildlife Ranger,

I would have to respectfully disagree. Atrica has distinctive 'spindly' legs. The legs on this specimen had short legs, non longer than the overall body length. I agree about the Palps but is it not the engorging at the end of these palps that more distinguishes the males from the females in Tegenaria as females have the palps clearly visible.

Thank you for the feedback.

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Spider ID's

Hi Neil

Spiders are notoriously difficult sometimes less is more - if you want to add Tegenaria I would be happy to agree it is also difficult to conclude on a spec that might or might not be a Juv on leg lenght and palps hence my revision etc as Chris says it could another species Keep them coming though Neil as they are always a challenge and it is I think Amaurobius the short legs being the give away !!!

Best Wishes


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Looks like an Amaurobius species to me.

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Thanks for the id. I overlooked the darkish colouring in the photograph, it would seem that Amaurobius is perhaps the most likely.

WLR, i will certainly keep them coming. I have only just found this site and i am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for the help on this one.