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Bumble Bee

Observed: 13th May 2013 By: jd2786
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Distinctive marking on back.

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Tree Bumble Bee

I was about to empty my compost bin when a very loud buzzing made me take off the lid to look in. I was amazed to see a very large (probably the queen) bee going a little mad! I replaced the lid and left it but would like to know, if anyone can help, if they will stay in there or will eventually move out!
Many thanks to you if able to advise.

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The queen may well have a nest in the bin - not unusual! The colony cycle for this species is short and should be completed in about a month (weather permitting)

Could you submit details here?http://www.bwars.com/index.php?q=submit-bombus-hypnorum-sighting


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