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Observed: 12th September 2011 By: WicstunWicstun’s reputation in Invertebrates

Caterpillar found on lawn - sure it's common but not been able to id

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.....or Eyed Hawk?

Just a though, but might I suggest Eyed Hawkmoth, Smirinthus ocellatus? The context suggests that this larva was on its way to pupate, and so the markings may be changing, but it has big red spiracles and lacks (or appears to lack) any red under the horn. Is there any help from available foodplants: Lime Hawkmoth: birch, elm and lime. Eyed Hawkmoth: sallow, apple, willow, aspsen and possibly poplar. I was 'brought up' to believe in the blue tail character, but you can see from photographs of Eyed Hawkmoth larvae that the tail is blue (if not AS blue) in this species.

Richard Dickson