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Hermit Crab

Observed: 11th May 2013 By: dejayM
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Top picture shows a journeying crab, caught out by the fast-descending tides of Swanbister Bay.
Sometimes called a Soldier Crab.
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A real child-fascinator
The most common of UK Hermits is Pagurus bernhardus -
A few iSpots are misspelled as PagArus
Not all UK Hermits (up to 17 sp) are Pagurus bernhardus which has an enlarged right claw. Watch then for the leftie Diogenes pugilator .

Things you may not know about Hermit Crabs -

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Pagurus bernhardus

This species has chelipeds (the large claws) covered in small granules or small teeth. The propodus* part of right chela has two rows of larger granulations, starting at the base and converging towards the middle. This can (just about) be seen in photo (top right). Other Pagurus species seem to have more hairy claws and legs and lack these 2 rows of granulations. *To see a diagram of the parts look at this site


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...things I didn't know.
Thanks Jo., my learning curve is overhanging!
Let's hope I don't....well, you know!