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Observed: 12th May 2013 By: sgwarnogsgwarnog’s reputation in Mammalssgwarnog’s reputation in Mammalssgwarnog’s reputation in Mammals

I'm afraid I didn't observe its tail to see if it had a black tip, but judging by size - it seemed quite large - I'm plumping for stoat over weasel.

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Certainly looks like stoat. Boundary between ginger/brown fur and whitish fur forms a straight line. This is a wavy line in the case of the weasel.


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- that's helpful - I hadn't known of that id tip. Cheers, Peter

Peter H

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Great photo. I was expecting

Great photo. I was expecting someone to crack the old joke as well...

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ah yes.. that old joke, which I know well.. and was just about to crack..

how does it go again?

latest pics and diptera videos

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You can weasily tell the

You can weasily tell the difference. They are stoatally different!

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Boom boom!

Always a comedian! LOL :)

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My only joke (except the one about the polar bear and the penguin) stolen!

Agree with stoat.

Graham Banwell

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