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Small white flowers

Observed: 10th May 2013 By: maeve_l

Can anyone tell me what this is please? The leaves are quite elongate and fleshy and the flower is very small and white.

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Could be either...

...Hairy or Wavy, I can't possibly make a distinction from this photo.

It's interesting that experts and high-spotters have all agreed with Hairy, without any particular comments as to why.

If there is something obvious - or better still, something subtle - that I have not seen in the photo, I'd love to hear it.

Rachy Ramone

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Stamens are the easiest way to tell, but this photo doesn't show them clearly. The next thing I look for is the length of the pods, in Cardamine hirsuta the pods tend to overtop the flowers quite substantially.

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Thanks, Alyson,

... interesting suggestion about the pod length: I can't say I have observed this for myself, but I will look again.

Without a clear pic of the stamens I can't agree with either ID.

Unless Maeve has any additional photos, or can get back there for a close-up of the stamens? *enquiring look*

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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Thanks all

Hi all, thanks for your comments on this, unfortunately I don't have any more pictures of it but from what you say about the pod length from what remember they did over top the flowers quite a bit so I may veer towards C. hirsuta.

It was quite sunny when I took the photo and so it was only when I got home I realised that it wasn't a great shot, apologies!

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my gut reaction is hirsuta -

my gut reaction is hirsuta - its not necessarily pod length but the way pods are held (hirsuta more upright, flexuosa more spreading). Most hirsuta fruits are 10-21 mm long, and most flexuosa 11-25 mm (see my BSBI crucifer handbook) but there are also extremes and a lot of overlap.

Tim Rich