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Red Deer

Observed: 10th May 2013 By: EsklingEskling’s reputation in MammalsEskling’s reputation in Mammals
Red Deer
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Hi Eskling. You may already know but just in case...

The Glenveagh Red deer herd was established in 1891 when two stags and four hinds where brought in from Glenartney forest in Perthshire Scotland. A later stocking came from Langwell in Caithness. Unfortunately our native Red deer has been decimated through persecution and the introduction of foreign stock. The purest blood lines are to be found in the Killarney National Park herd.
Did you see any Eagles?
Regards Peadar

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No Golden Eagles!

Thanks for the info on the Red Deer (I didn't know).

Unfortunately the weather was poor and we had to abandoned our walk towards eagle territory! I had hoped to be able to see one but, unfortunately, not this time.


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Better Luck...

Next time then!!