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Doesn't the angle at the base of the pinnules, which is far more than 90 degrees, rule out aculeatum?


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On the other hand ...

... don't the singly pinnate fronds rule out setiferum?

(I would argue that the angle at the base of the pinnules here is not homologous to the angle usually used in distinguishing aculeatum and setiferum, and that it is necessary to be cautious in using it.)

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For what it's worth ...

... Polystichum setiferum is only known from a single site in Skye (near Portree).

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This clearly demonstrates the problems in trying to ID immature ferns!


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I was never particularly convinced that it was holly fern

but having looked round images on the web, it doesn't look like any of the hybrids, and there are some similar plants labelled as aculeatum. On grounds of morphology and distribution I think that on balance it is aculeatum.

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Not holly fern

I agree that this is a young P aculeatum. We often go out monitoring P lonchitis on the limestone pavements, and the most usual cause of confusion is with young P aculeatum