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A dark silvery grey moth

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Note on Adela ID on iSpot

The males of these two species are easy; Adela reaumurella has a black crown and very long antennae. The male A. rufimitrella has a yellow crown.

The females of both species, however, both have yellow crowns. Females can be identified by their shorter antennae. This has lead to confusion in the past (including me) and thus many of the 'rufimitrella' images on iSpot are actually female reaumurella.

To separate the females, forewing colour is a good guide. A. rufimitrella is bronze while reaumurella is dark silvery. Behaviour is also helpful, rufimitrella will almost always be seen flying low on its foodplants, Cuckoo Flower and Garlic Mustard. A. reaumurella however while often be flying around trees and other vegetation as it feeds on dead leaves.

Photos for reference:

N.B. Cauchas is the new genus for rufimitrella, which hasn't quite been integrated into UK moth recording yet, but will be included in this form on the new checklist to be published soon.

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Many thanks -

for that information. Now, the trick is to try to remember it...