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Badger & Fox

Observed: 5th May 2013 By: Paul FosterPaul Foster’s reputation in MammalsPaul Foster’s reputation in MammalsPaul Foster’s reputation in Mammals

Suffering each other to sample the left over Chinese!

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an unusual sighting!

Great sighting - guess they were more interested in your leftovers than each other.

Debbie Alston

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Yes, it's by the side of my

Yes, it's by the side of my Sister's house, they are both regulars, and whilst originally they scared each other off, they seem to accept each other, Food vs fear.


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Add fox as ID

Paul - add red fox as an additional ID and I'll agree with that too.

Gill Sinclair
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Badger and fox

How about having a go with the new interactions feature here on iSpot. Paul will have to do it as only he can see the link.

Visit the help page below and follow the instructions.

Graham Banwell

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