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Roe deer

Observed: 6th April 2013 By: retreevalretreeval’s reputation in Mammalsretreeval’s reputation in Mammals
2 Roe deer

two roe deer on bewick moor

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there are a long way off, but

there are a long way off, but the white rump and longish necks are unmistabeable for roe deers

Debbie Alston

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A long way off

It is difficult to be certain with the animals such a long way off, especially as other deer species have a pale rump patch, but am agreeing on basis of the shape of the buck's (the animal at the back) antlers.

Gill Sinclair
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I can not be sure which species this is, it could be red or roe deer; both are found in the area. Normally I would agree with Gill about the antlers but at this time of year red deer are growing their new antlers so can look short and single pointed. Also many roe have lost their antlers following the main rutting season (April/May); but some do still have theirs; therefore, I can not be sure.

Graham Banwell

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