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Shuttle shaped Dart?

Observed: 11th May 2013 By: jamespamjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebrates

I think this is a shuttle shaped dart from consulting Waring, Townsend and Lewington it is exactly the right size and very similar in pattern characteristics. But I would welcome comment.
By the way I am getting very few moths in my Skinner Trap. Double striped pug/Herald/clouded Drab/Common Quaker/Hebrew Character so far, all in very small numbers. Trapped 3 times since 24th April. Is this surprising?

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Subspecies/moth numbers

Not sure why you chose to indicate subspecies rather than just species.
Regarding trap numbers; these can vary greatly due to weather conditions, moon phases, location and many other factors.

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It has been a very poor year

It has been a very poor year for moths so far.