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Unusual Looking Plant

Observed: 2nd March 2013 By: Craig Hopton

I found this odd looking plant in a small woodland, close by the bank of a large river. There were a few of the same species dotted about.

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The county recorder may be interested

The species seems to be commoner on the middle Tweed than anywhere else in the country, and has been recorded from this vicinity before, but not this century (fide, so the county recorded may be interested to know that it's still present.

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Thanks for this info! There

Thanks for this info! There were plenty of these plants about.

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Butterburs form colonies ...

... (I think that they spread vegetatively) so when you find them there will usually be lots of plants. But in the case of Petasites japonicus colonies are few and far between. It is recorded from 200 tetrads in Britain; by comparison Plantago lanceolata is recorded from 40,263 tetrads.