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Bombus magnus?

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: Baractus
Bombus magnus?

This queen was feeding on sallow along with a number of typical-looking lucorum and a few apparent cryptarum (distinct S on collar, near wing base). This one seems to have a broad and long collar extending well below the wing bases, but I'm not sure if the collar is big enough for magnus. It didn't have the s mark, but it does have a slight nick at the wing base. Other species noted (all queens) were plenty of monticola, a single jonellus, hypnorum, hortorum & pascuorum (and a few cuckoos).

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I don't feel confident in separating magnus/lucorum/cryptarum from photos, but in comparison to Steven Falk's photos I have to say I think yours is closer to lucorum than to magnus - the yellow band at the front of the thorax looks a bit too narrow and not pale enough for magnus to me.

Steven's magnus:

Steven's lucorum (NB males are shown first so scroll down to see the queens):

BWARS don't seem to have any recent Staffordshire records for magnus, so it would be great to find it there, but personally I'm not yet convinced!:

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Thanks Martin

Thanks for your comments. I share your lack of confidence! I'll keep on looking....

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