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?Red kite near Flamborough

Observed: 29th April 2013 By: Jane McWeenyJane McWeeny’s reputation in Birds
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This bird was only seen in silhouette against the sky, so no idea of colour. It was much larger than the crows flying with it, had very long wings relative to its body, and a forked tail.

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Forked tail

The only British bird with a forked tail like this is the red kite.

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You have to be a bit careful, as there have been continental Black Kites in the country over the last few weeks, as usual in Spring. I am not convinced that this could definitely be ruled against that species, though perhaps it looks a bit long winged for Black Kite. Flamborough would be a reasonable location for a migratory Black Kite to pass over, and there was one in Norfolk on that day.


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