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Mass of tiny eggs

Observed: 9th May 2013 By: Featherless biped

Washed up on shore. About the size of a coconut. Spongy, sticky mass of some kind of eggs. Each individual egg measures about 2mm diameter, each has two small black specks inside. I've added the group as "fish" - but no idea really.

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eggs yes...

Interesting, that mass.
I've seen such masses from the inside of Salmon (roe). There might be fish farms near you. In breeding, such masses are sometimes removed from the fish by killing and extracting the mass for selective fertilisation. Show your picture to someone from the industry.
Considering where you are, these eggs could have been 'stripped' on a boat.
But there are good number of other alternatives. Here is a reference from the webthing -
to show you might need to cast wider (not distance but species!)
Take a look here http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/326395
to see that such compact masses occur (I'm NOT suggesting yours are frogs'!)

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Further details/correction

Thanks for your comments. I'm not aware of any fish farms on this part of the coast. Thinking about it now my estimation of the diameter of the eggs is too small, probably double that. Notice too the upper side (pic 1)contains no embryos (or whatever). The upper side is also drier, harder, less sticky and darker in colour than the underside (pic 2).

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Yes I understand about farmlack there. But it's industry country. Print up the pic and go to quay.
Even 4mm is still OK for medium sized fish. Remember that this will have been floating for a while and sun-tanning on the beach too.
Good luck then.
See here! -

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I am really...

...not happy with lumpsucker eggs - Pete, can you tell me why?

Lumpsucker eggs are not normally orange (well here in Kent anyway), they are white and even dehydrated are not reported to turn orange, so you obviously have a reason for saying lumpsucker? I haven't even seen them reported as orange.

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Fish farm at Crovie

There's a fish farm at Crovie, with a nasty habit of shooting seals there and at Gardenstown.


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Oh yes, I forgot about Crovie. Noticed a few seal carcasses shot through the head last year, I believe the bodies are supposed to be removed so I guess it's probable that many more were shot than the quota allowed.