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Northern Marsh-orchid

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: Featherless bipedFeatherless biped’s reputation in PlantsFeatherless biped’s reputation in PlantsFeatherless biped’s reputation in PlantsFeatherless biped’s reputation in Plants

Not everything is late this year.

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ID query

I discounted the early-purple as my book shows that it's leaves are spotted.

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The leaves of Orchis mascula but can be unspotted though not often.


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There are a few specimens close to this one, none of which are spotted. Is the "early" ID based on the date or is there something else I should look out for?

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I don't know early purple orchid (or northern marsh orchid),

... but I would have said that this was early purple orchid - Dactylorhiza purpurella has a more strongly marked labellum and more prominent lateral petals.

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The identification was based

The identification was based on the morphology.
The open flower has not rotated and so is upside down.
It may rotate later or could be a genetic variant that does not.

In Dactylorhiza there are large leaf-like bracts and the flower is quite a different shape.


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Ahh, thank you. In June/July that whole area is covered in orchids, which I've always called northern marsh-orchids. When they appear I will look forward to comparing the two species. It's all a bit confusing to a neophyte like me.