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Is this bee Melecta luctuosa ?

Observed: 5th May 2013 By: mdohrnmdohrn’s reputation in Invertebrates
130505ES-IMG_5204 black bee with white spots lo

mostly black hairy bee with white furry spots feeding in dandelion flower
in populous solitary bee colonies of various species, including a few Anthophora

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M. luctuosa is almost certainly extinct in UK (as Chris says). M. albifrons is quite variable in the amount and extent of the white abdominal markings - and it is by no means unusual to have completely melanic specimens.

M. albifrons and M. luctuosa are the only Melectines on the UK list

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is this bee Melecta luctuosa

Thanks to Chris Brooks and Stuart for the speedy ID as Melecta albifrons