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Wood warbler

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: apm299
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Warbler 1
Warbler 2
Warbler 5
Warbler 7

Singing warbler flying from tree to tree.

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Never cease...

...to be amazed by how beautiful these are. I have always lived in the East of the country, so have only ever scraped the odd one up here and there (not literally, I hasten to add!). The third shot, especially, is really good.


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Wood Warbler Delight

I agree with every syllabub. Dreamy, creamy and just about the best 'pure woodland' songster around - fresh in my mind as I heard one singing during a survey yesterday morning. Superb photographs.

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Wood Warbler

Thanks both. To be honest, it was a very accommodating little bird, flying from branch to branch and tree to tree but never wandering far from me, calling with each movement as if wanting to make its position known. I don't know what its motivation was but its behaviour seemed quite deliberate and purposeful. Completely agree that it was a beautiful little bird, though.