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Unknown bird

Observed: 12th May 2010 By: Scot

I spotted this a couldn't identify it!

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though could well be a

though could well be a whitethroat

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Whitethroat has a very definite eye stripe as does the lesser whitethroat.

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Could even be a Lesser

Could even be a Lesser Whitethroat........definitely a Warbler of some sort.

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I would be very surprised to find that it wasn't a female blackcap. It is the only one that fits the photo.

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Thanks Kluut
The identification certainly seems plausible!

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Eye stripe not so pronounced in female Whitethroat an is dark. The eye stripe of the male is light and not always as distinct.


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first impression would be whitethroat

My impression is of a female whitethroat, as per Alladell, also I would expect to see a whitethroat perched exposed like this but less so a blackcap, which in my experience is much more of a skulker.

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Whitethroat on structure and plumage - and it does look like a female.