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Swarming bees

Observed: 18th May 2010 By: t.p.mooret.p.moore’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Swarming Honey bees

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Hope you did not get too

Hope you did not get too close. I'd never really been worried by bees especially when swarming but a couple of weeks ago I got painfully stung by a load of them. Someone else had been annoying them and they took it out on the next person along the road which happened to be me. Interesting taking the barbed stings out of your head and neck though.

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Honey bees

When bees first swarm they are unable to sting as they are full of honey and can't bend their abdomen. If they have been hanging around for a while then the chances of being stung increases quickly. I have kept bees for 25 plus years and stung thousands of times until 2006 when one sting sent me into anyphylaxis. I now have to avoid bee stings although we still have bees on our land which my wuife now looks after.