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Species with which Hairy Bitter-cress (Cardamine hirsuta) interacts


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I thought about Watercress, but stems looked a bit hairy.
But not really happy about C. officinalis on closer inspection either. Thought perhaps Bitter-cress.

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I see what you mean. Stace says "hairs 0 or unbranched" but Poland says "hairless" for Nasturium.

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Curse these cabbages!

Curse these cabbages! Lol

I'm never going to get them sorted.

I convinced myself full circle-
Common Scurvy grass - then English, then all forms of Bitter cress, then ruled them all out and started again.

I think I shall hang my head in shame for now wearing my Dunces cap and ask Tim Rich for some tuition! :)

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No shame!

Let's face it, it's hard to ID from photos. Nice to bounce ideas around, though.

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I'm loving iSpot :)

It's all very new to me "ID"ing on-line at the moment and I'm really loving seeing what everyone else is stumbling across while they are out and about, and noting what's flowering where.

I'm learning a lot from making my mistakes, so nothing ventured nothing gained I say :)

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My twopennath

Think it is watercress maybe Narrow fruited or Hybrid, time and pods will tell.

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Thanks Tim!

I have revisited this many times over the past week and thought it is probably Hairy Bitter Cress, but lacked the courage of my convictions!

I WILL get my eye in one day.... Maybe not in this lifetime though! :)