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Bombus terrestris?

Observed: 3rd May 2013 By: jerebarkerjerebarker’s reputation in Invertebratesjerebarker’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bombus sp
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I don't think anyone would be

I don't think anyone would be 100% certain of this one, but I see nothing that would make it terrestris rather than lucorum group.

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I agree with Mydaea. In fact, I think I can see a black "nick" in the yellow collar on the shoulder area which suggests B. cryptarum, one of the B. lucorum complex.

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ID - hints?

Oh well. I was trying to ID this from the BBCT website info - obviously not making a good fist of it yet! I have a couple of other pics of this individual, but both are pretty much profile only - the one posted was the best quality. I presume the 'nick' mentioned is where the wing joins the body?

Is the BBCT website-based guide worth bothering with, or am I better off looking for something else?

Thanks for the comments though...

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The BBCT guide is OK for a

The BBCT guide is OK for a real beginner. If you aim to get serious about Bombus identification, you need to get a much more technical key.

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ID resources

See also the BWARS species pages:

The Natural History Museum's key to Bombus:

and Steve Falk's Bombus set on Flickr:

For books I'd recommend either of these:
Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain and Ireland by Mike Edwards and Martin Jenner (Ocelli Ltd)

Bumblebees (3rd edition) by Oliver Prys-Jones and Sarah Corbet (Pelagic Publishing)

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