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?yellow-green sedge

Observed: 8th May 2013 By: ChrisJacksonChrisJackson’s reputation in Plants

Can anyone help with this very yellow-green sedge.(not the paler blue-green one also visible).This is in a horse grazed grassland, not far from a shallow stream. The area is inundated and two sedges are abundant. This robust but small sedge is one of them. Do people know what sort of sedge of this nature would be expected in a very modified, heavily horse grazed, poached habitat. It is no more than 10-12cm.


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Carex demissa might be possible but not firm enough for an id

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was it hairy = hirta?

was it hairy = hirta?

Tim Rich

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No it is not hairy at all.

No it is not hairy at all. Smooth. I am going to try and upload a photo of the ligule as it is quite distinct.

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C. otrubae? and you have

C. otrubae? and you have enough material there to identify it with John Poland's vegetative key (not online unfortunately). The yellow-ish colour may be related to the conditions the plant lives in and may not be characteristic of the species though.

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Thats great thanks. I have

Thats great thanks. I have Poland but I am not finding it too user friendly. I will give it another go!

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Keep us posted!

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Still struggling with Poland.

Still struggling with Poland. Going to get a fresher sample tomorrow!

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Got it!!!! False fox sedge!!!

Got it!!!!

False fox sedge!!! At last

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