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memories of Lapwings

Today's Saving Species featured people's memories of Lapwings, also known as peewits, green plovers or flopwings.

Lapwings have suffered enormous declines in Britain, and are now on the Red List of declining birds. Changes to farm management are one of the factors behind this, with a huge reduction in the wet meadows that the birds nest in.

Do you see Lapwings in your area? Can you remember seeing big flocks in the past?

Lapwing facts from the BTO:



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Where I work in Hattersley from autumn through to early spring I have witnessed large flocks of 40 to 50 Lapwings either flying around or roosting on the roof tops of the industrial units. This has been a regular thing over the three years that I have been working there. They dissappear through the late spring/summer presumably to nest in the surrounding fields.

T .S. King